Monday, April 16, 2007


last sunday..a very bad sunday...
i nearly 'clashed' with my beloved one...
actually...i always searching for the 'true love'...
as Islam proposed, the true loved surely have to be to your the most all-mighthy, ALLAH!
yeah2...i love that concept, it the really love...
y? create for us..this beautiful world...
plus! the heaven!!!(for all that worshiping HIM)
not only that, it controlled our life without any problems occured...
but y i always 'busying' myself for human love...
yeah..!totally sux!
i want to share something...(sory, it is in malay..)

Ya Allah…Ya Rahman…Ya Rahim…
Allah Rabbi aku minta izin
Bila suatu saat aku jatuh cinta
Jangan biarkan cintaku untuk-Mu berkurang
Hingga membuatkanku lalai akan adanya Engkau
Allahu Rabbi aku punya pinta
Bila suatu saat aku jatuh cinta
Penuhilah hatiku dengan bilangan cinta-Mu yang tidak terbatas
Biar rasaku pada-Mu tetap utuh
Allah Rabbi
Izinkan bila suatu saat aku jatuh hati
Pertemukanlah kami
Berikanlah kami kesempatan untuk lebih mendekati cinta-Mu
Allah Rabbi
Pintaku yang terakhir adalah seandainya aku jatuh hati
Jangan pernah kau palingkan wajah-Mu dariku
Anugerahkanlah aku cinta-Mu
Cinta yang tak pernah pupus oleh waktu.

a poet+song...(we call it 'syair')

huhuhu..ok la..just aving some leisure time here, checking my mail and what so ever..
ave a nice day to you all!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


newcomers in this bloggers...

so i should say hallo to the readers...
-i hate medic..
-im a doubleface person (i think more than two, but there is no word to discribe it)
-people call me heartless..i love it!
-hate human..(dunno why)

no mood today..try to read some thing..but my mind lost im no where(sleep..)

all readers..enjoy your life..thank you~